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iForma is reinventing healthcare for discovery-driven patient and care provider matching. Our mission is to turn online healthcare shopping into an experience.


Combining: AI + VR + AR + MR

 iForma is blending technology into healthcare

We are pulling together electronic health records, claims data, steps, lab work, sleep patterns, social media data and more to give consumers a holistic view of their health and where it is heading.




Data Sharing House

Cloud-based Data-Sharing-House (Data Warehouse)
Not just the data that you have, that you want to share within your organization, and with outside partners, but enrichment services, where your partners gives you secure access to their data. You enrich it, amend it and share it back to your partners, again without actually moving it.

Game Changer

For Analytics, this is a game changer
The ability to get a cloud based database environment deployed and functioning within weeks so you can build insights, is a huge win. With RAL, your analytics team can spend less time on data management and more time on analysis.


Data Management

Does your analytics team struggle with mountains of data from disconnected data sources?
Is it a challenge to identify unique individuals across these data sources to fuel high-performing analytics services?
Does your organization lack the funding and IT support to stand up a centralized analytics database?
If you answered “yes” to these common marketing challenges, iForma’s Rapid Analytics Layer (RAL) is the solution for you.
Powered by Google Cloud, iForma’s RAL is an affordable, cloud-based data-sharing-house solution that enables fast integration of various data sources to serve up rich, clinical and business insights.

Clinical Trial

  • The backbone of Pharmaceuticals drug and development is the clinical trial process regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • This is the lengthy and rigorous process by which new therapeutics are tested to demonstrate their safety and efficacy in human patients.
  • Clinical trials have been steeped in esoteric language and opaque to the public at large.
  • The process is run in top-down fashion, and managed in tightly controlled clinical settings.
  • Highly regulated; trials are subjected to strict validation rules for data gathering and analysis.
  • Trial data generally flow from investigators back to the drug company/sponsor — instead of to the patients who were subjects in the trials
  • A trend is emerging towards greater patient involvement in clinical Trials – making them more patient-centric.

Lack of Trust between Pharmaceuticals and Payers

Lack of Trust - Consequences

Rapid Analytics Layer restores Trust in the conversation

iForma Opportunistics Approach