Turning insights into outcomes

Payers and Providers are struggling to get relevant data (insight from analytics) to the “right person at the right time,” integrating it into the workflow where the ultimate value will be found.

Healthcare data is as incredibly personal to patients as it is valuable to medical providers who need the information to understand their patients and provide the best care, and to researchers who, by aggregating and analyzing it, can make important, life-saving and life-extending medical discovery. Then there are of course those interested in the gold mine of health data for more nefarious reasons like fraud.

iForma Blockchain solution looks at the issue of data and its access in terms of three buckets: ownership, access, and usage. The solution fetches medical records from all of the previous caregivers. Then it digitizes them—often by hand, because of the many, many incompatible data formats that bedevil medical record-keeping—with whatever genetic information the patient may have, from the rough genotyping of a 23andMe to a whole genome sequence. And it throws in data from your wearable tech like Fitbits. In short, it’s an integrated digital medical record.